About us

DandyDomains.com is a discount Internet domain name retailer. We maintain a slim portfolio of premium domains targeted chiefly towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SMBs) running on tight budgets, though we also sell to individuals, nonprofits, and large corporations on a regular basis. Recent satisfied clients include Sunovion Pharmaceuticals (manufacturers of Lunesta©), International Energy Crops, SMB Phone, and General Kinematics.

Three characteristics set DandyDomains.com apart from most other digital asset distributors:

  • Unmatched value. Whereas most domain name retailers — even some highly successful ones — set exorbitant prices on their domains and flip less than 1% of their portfolio annually, our investment strategy relies on turning over large quantities of domains at low profit margins to growing businesses. This technique allows us to build relationships with numerous clients and keep the World Wide Web blooming with products and ideas. Each domain we assess to display for sale undergoes a rigorous pre-screening to ensure it has a clear meaning, is easily memorable, and can immediately add tangible to the business sector it serves. And yet, our domain names are exceptionally affordable, with 80% of our names priced under $1K. Compare this percentage to those of such larger retailers as BuyDomains.com and DomainMarket.com, in which 80% of names are priced above $1K, and those listed under $1K are generally poor-quality, speculative names.
  • High ethical standards. We stand strictly against trademark infringement and cybersquatting, taking great pains to ensure that no domain name we purchase conflicts with any word or service mark at the time of acquisition. While it is impossible to verify that none of our domains infringe on any registered IP worldwide, we try our utmost to offer exclusively domains that are generic in nature, geographically targeted, and/or broadly brandable.
  • Outstanding customer service. We strive to transfer purchased domain names to customers on the same business day following checkout, with many transactions completing in under 15 minutes. To less technically-minded customers — and we serve many — we explain every step of the transfer process in an easy-to-follow manner and offer to help configure the domain name to the customer's needs following transfer. Live phone support is available morning through midnight ET and we typically answer electronic sales and technical inquiries within minutes.

We may also provide B2B domain name-related services such as buyer brokerage (acquisition of other domains for the lowest possible price) and domain name consulting (assistance in selecting an appropriate domain for one's business) on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact us and explain your circumstances.