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Business jets are small, point-to-point VIP jet aircraft. Corporate jets require about 2-3 years to manufacture and retail from $1.5 million for "very light jets" up to well over $10 million for the most roomy luxury aircraft. Due to the prohibitive costs of purchasing and maintaining private business jets, owners often diffuse this overhead through fractional jet ownership.

Not surprisingly, the cost of advertising bizjets is also hefty, with Google AdWords commanding an average cost-per-click of $5.27 on the term "business jets", an expression Google-searched approximately 40,000 times per year. In 2009, Concord Private Jets famously purchased for a mere $375,000, a bargain so modest they even boasted about it.

Major players in the personal business jet space include Cessna, Bombardier, GulfStream, Dassault, and NetJets.

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