Aged Domain Names

Overall, the best and most valuable domains were registered first; and, like prime real estate or fine wine, premium domains rise in value over time, with names registered before 2000 — such as those listed below — being particularly prized possessions. There's growing evidence that Google and Yahoo! consider domain name longevity in computing their search engine rankings. A handful of the following domains were registered as far back as 1995, when the Web was in its embryonic stages and only 70,000 domain names existed! Today, the web is 3000 times as large, spanning over 200,000,000 domain names. Grab an aged domain name today and boost your site rankings while owning a piece of Internet history.

Domain name Extension Characters Price com 14 $795 com 17 SOLD com 12 SOLD net 9 $445 com 8 SOLD com 12 Make offer net 11 SOLD net 6 SOLD com 18 $1,195 com 11 SOLD net 10 $295 com 11 SOLD com 18 $1,095 com 13 SOLD com 9 SOLD net 11 $345 com 11 SOLD com 16 $745 com 10 SOLD com 12 $895 com 13 Make offer com 9 SOLD com 9 Make offer